"Sacha beautifully illuminates the magic that comes from the depth of connection to the plant spirit world. Sitting in circle with her is a true gift. I’ve witnessed the subtle yet profound ways that Sacha weaves relationship, always with gentle presence and openness that has guided me deeper into my own journey of connectedness."

~ Megan Rae

"This rose remedy took the form of love that I need: a kind of tough self-love, defiant against self-doubt, an assertive-and-ready-to-get-on-with-it, fullness of self energy. I suppose the remedy recognizes the moment it's being called into. The aspect of the thorn is also palpable; a protection against outside negativity or just garbage, and a willingness to give a little prick if needed."

~ Tracy Donovan

"The first words I would use to describe Sacha Louise are unique and authentic. This has been my experience when working with her. She has guided me in meditation to communicate with plants, animals and ancestors. Connecting all of the dots. I have received from her very tangible advice on how to direct my energy as well as who to call upon for support. In addition to her metaphysical work, she also creates hand crafted flower essences that are potent and powerful. She has a vast knowledge of what specific flowers will benefit specific circumstances in individuals' lives. The work that she does is a holistic approach that feels very supportive and gentle. I would recommend Sacha Louise to anyone who is looking for clarity and connection in their lives." 

~ Olivia Immitt

"Sacha holds a clear, pure, immaculate space of love. It is in this space that I was able to deeply listen and authentically connect with a plant, tree, a flower and with clarity know what it wanted to reveal. 

I have always had a deep, spiritual connection to nature, it has been intrinsically part of my life from a very early age on, apart of this connection comes through my Native American  ancestral lineage. In my early 20’s I had what one might call a mystical encounter with nature, (in my everyday consciousness, nothing guiding or influencing me) where nature reached out to me to let me know it was here to help me, it let me know how it could, & urged me to ask for its help when necessary. I now know this encounter as “My Great Invitation “. My purpose in sharing this is that I feel I have had a “foundation or fundamental connection with nature” yet like many people living in a modern world, I did not think I knew how to deepen and grow in this connection and what was "I to do” with this connection. 

I attended Sacha’s Plant Meditations over a period of 8 months (while she lived in Minneapolis ) and worked at the Medicine Tree. I very easily, almost effortlessly could tune into a plant, connect with a feeling the plant or flower emanated, and receive the enormous beauty & wisdom it embodied. I felt safe in Sacha’s gatherings, I knew I would not be judged or labeled in any way. Her gentleness allowed and helped me to go deep yet to remain conscious. Her ability to really listen and be present is a great and natural skill she possesses. I was cradled in this space, where deep communion was able to transpire. She has fine discernment and wisdom, (Yes, Wisdom!) yet most importantly she never loses sight of love, of the intention and purpose, which is love.

She holds the space like one would hold their most cherished beloved. Like a mother holding her babe, her child with an enormity of holy tenderness and unconditional acceptance.

It is a powerful and soul opening experience to get to  work with Sacha. 

I never knew what could come forth when being held in this space of pure awareness. To say I learned only what a plant, or flower has to give, yes, but a greater connection arose within myself.  What I learned too, is that when you are in a space that is held with such love, nature shows up, your soul shows up and what arises in this space is sacred, miraculous as connection is exactly that . It is pure joy. I trust Sacha explicitly and her souls innate gift to help people to authentically connect with nature, with their heart  and to open the profound gifts that are within. 

Our plant gatherings included guided meditation, sharing’s where you feel heard, drinking a tea that that is made with a specific plant or flower. It felt like a feast for the heart and soul."

~ Joanna Marie Hill

“Sacha is a truly gifted healer. Her expertise of connecting to Mother Earth and channeling messages to support your well-being through flowers, plants, and herbs is extraordinary. She has helped me connect to the right flowers to support my physical and emotional needs and her intuitive messages are always accurate and help guide me on my spiritual journey. The combination of spiritual tools she uses is really unique and I always look forward to connecting with her for wisdom and encouragement.”  

~ Katherine Ortiz