When Love Freezes Over

This week in Kentucky, the weather met us with the single digits. With all of the freezing, our pipes froze from the spring down to the house. All of the folks in our valley connected to springs were disconnected from receiving water in their homes. In these moments where there isn’t a flow, there is a pause: a moment to go and visit the source, the source of our Spring. These moments offer a reminder of the beauty and sacredness that our water holds. We took the journey a thousand feet into the holler behind our home and offered gifts to the spirits of our Spring. We filled up our jugs, and walked through the majestic stillness back down the hills.

Once the thawing came, the outdoor tubes became disconnected where one ended and the next began. At each disconnection there were hundreds of tubular icicles that had sprung out of the tube and lay on the forest floor. A cleansing. Alongside this, two of our friends here in the valley were each beginning bodily cleanses without knowing the other one was.


Everywhere I look this week, the word clearing comes into focus. Grabs my attention. As part of my nature, I yearn to find the symbolism beneath the surface of events, to visit the underworld and return with answers. So I quest.

When we become frozen in time, stuck, are we too being beckoned to visit the source? Our internal being? To cleanse ourselves so we may find a flow once again?

It is easy to understand the concept of clearing--of cleaning--of Cleansing. But how does one go about doing this on a deep level in their life?

I decided to meditate on these questions. On this day, for the first time, I brought my drum into my strange closet and decided to meditate there. I went into the closet that was built long before we came to this home. A friend of ours once saw that this closet locked children inside. This makes sense structurally. There are two doors. One door has the handle at shoulder level, much too high for a child to open. The other door has a lock on the outside which consists of a piece of wood that falls into place over the door so it can’t open. This hundred year old home raised 11 children. This closet holds this hiding scared energy, and without consciously knowing I chose to meditate in the only “finished” area in our home that still holds energy that hasn’t been cleared.

I felt how these children wanted to be seen, this energy wanted to be noticed. I received the insight that I too have hidden my innate self. That it has been locked away unable to come out and be seen. In meditation I was advised to be cleansed with the waters and then look into my reflection. That water is an incredible divining source, for their nature is to reflect back exactly where you are.

I walked to the bridge over the creek at the end of the Valley, and offered a beautiful shimmering shell. I asked to be cleansed from all of the energies that have built up since childhood and beyond. I could feel the energy of the waters wash over me, releasing the grief of living a life unseen.

I was excited to visit with my reflection. Maybe the reflection would show me that I am a diviner or a gardener, that I walk with the spirit of bear or turtle. I went to another body of water, a sacred pool closer to our Spring. I offered another shimmering shell to the water spirits at the altar of this pool. Then I looked into the pool. I saw many reflections. I saw a turtle, rainbow stars, the ancestors, but none of this felt as though it was my true reflection. So I closed my eyes and found an inner calm. I felt the water receiving my energy, ready to reflect back to me my innate self. I open my eyes, and there in the sand I see a carved heart. I could feel that the answer came. The answer is love.

When walking in the world within our true nature, love, we reflect love back into the world. After all, we are made up of water, too. When we create an intentional practice of walking in the world within the energy of love, we attract all we love into our lives. You become in love with life itself. You create a space you love. A business you love. Relationships you love. Gardens you love. You tend with love and care. With all of the frigid weather out there metaphorically and physically, if we return to the source of who we are--innately the energy of love--we create all that is beautiful.

With Love,

Sacha Louise

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