Visiting with Death

This week a ceremony was held celebrating the life of a beloved within our community. He had passed from this Earthly realm in January, and this being so, we received an abnormal snowfall the weekend of his ceremony. The day it was held, the sun came shining, and as the ceremony continued the snow began to melt, reminding us of the fertile Spring that was awaiting our arrival.

The snow was symbolic to the stillness we feel while enduring a loss. Time seems to stop, along with all inspiration to generate anything in this world. And just as the winter shows us this stillness after the death of the plants and the falling of the leaves, so too must we pause within our lives as a death of a love one visits us.

Death is most always an unwelcome visitor. One we turn ourselves away from and run in the opposite direction. Our home is usually not ready for such a visitor. Nothing is washed and no food is ready to be served. When this guest arrives, everyone hides in the silence, just as the winter snow covering the fallen leaves.

However, this guest always knows when it is time to enter into our homes. Even with our struggle to lock the doors, death knows no such restraint. When the time of stillness can hide no longer, the meeting with death commences. Death now patiently waits upon us to create the environment it needs to converse with us, and move on. If we do not create this space for death, it will continue to linger over us, in stagnation, waiting to be served its ceremonial cup of tea. Through sharing in this drink with death, we find grief, and through this grief, love emerges, connecting us, and giving strength to those whose future memories have now dissipated.

With love, grief, and nourishment.

Sacha Louise

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