Stepping into our Power

Aurora has begun communicating with us in little ways. The first sign language she has learned is the symbol I give her of “be right back.” She will practice this symbol with her own hand even in the middle of the night. She has learned how to clap our hands and we imitate blowing raspberries at each other. One night we began chewing on the blocks like she does. Her being witnessed brought her into laughter.

By us interacting in these ways a sense of communion is cultivating between us. Slowly the symbols we offer each other are being understood and deeper interactions are taking place.

I feel a similar transaction going on with our land here. A play and response. I am but an infant in understanding Earth Mother’s symbols and messages, but we are, as with Aurora, interacting together.

Last week, I sacrificed writing to work on creating a spiral garden. I began with a shovel, shoveling up the Earth and flipping over last years growth creating a spiral bed pattern. After the pattern was created, I began chopping up the Earth which is partially clay. I couldn’t finish last Thursday, and was inspired to work on Sunday in an attempt to plant before the rains. The sky was dark and threatening off to the West.

Before continuing the work, I met with the fairies of the land. I have yet to meet with them in such a way. But a couple months ago in meditation, I asked my ancestors how they gardened. They said they worked with the fairies, and to begin a relationship with them on this land. Later that week I had the Kontomble reading with Aislinn Kercheart. The Kontomble also suggested I work with the fairies of my Celtic Lineage.

I felt a powerful space under the Hemlock Tree near this Spiral, and so to honor this connection I attempted to speak with them. Immediately I could feel their energy and see them in my third eye. They were overjoyed. I asked them if this is what the land wants as well, and they said yes! And go get to work!

As I proceeded to offer my labor of love to this spiral I began feeling a sense of prayer coming through me. I felt prayers for mothers to heal and step into their power. I felt prayers for the children entering this world to create the new Earth visions. I sang these prayers as I offered three rounds of chopping to these beds.

To fill the paths in the spiral, I gathered leaves at the creeks that were sent down by the floods from the forest holler. In these leaves I felt the ancestors. I imagined these paths as the ancestors; holding, guiding, and nourishing us as we offer our life energy of creation into this world.

I remembered at this moment that Aislinn Kerchaert was beginning her Ancestor Course with the Kontomble that day and that this prayer garden was also a prayer to this sacred work.

When the spiral was ready to plant, I gathered the offerings and as I was walking to the spiral owls began to sing. Phil, my partner, scattered Oat seeds into the beds, the thunder beings rumble.

As the last seeds were laid and I began raking them in, a huge wind comes, the sky darkens above us, and the clouds opened, watering the seeds.

I felt a strong sense of power through this Earth communication. Similar to the power Aurora is beginning to feel as we begin communicating and interacting. Through these opening communications, we as parents, also feel more powerful in our ability to support Aurora. The more we can communicate with our intuition, the Earth and the Divine, the more powerful we all become, us, the Earth, and the Divine - "The New Earth"

These are the beginning seeds of my offerings for supporting mama's to step into their power, called, Motherhood Initiation.

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