Nourishing the Web of Life

The purple Grape Hyacinths have been calling out for attention this week. This year they seem to be growing in abundance, spreading out in many places we visit making sure their medicine is not passed up. They are so unique in their shape and structure they are easily recognizable. They hold a boss-like energy and their flowers look like miniature purple hats all stacked one over the other in a Fibonacci sequence.

These flowers are edible, with a bitter flavor. Bitterness comes in at this time of year to help jump start our metabolism from our wintry existence as we transition into the active time, congregating once again with the gardens.

Yesterday as I walked with a friend, she told me about @Blackforager on Instagram, showing how Purple Hyacinths are a pH tester, turning acidic water pink and alkaline water blue. I read online that the Hyacinth flowers will also change colors according to the pH level of the soil.

This Spring, I have felt a strong attraction to these Hyacinths growing in abundance. With my new role in caring for our daughter, I notice how valuable my energy is. This has led me to a greater pursuit of where my energy and abilities are best suited. I sense a need to release and stabilize my sense of being, and find Hyacinths to be a helpful guide while I ponder this.

A dear friend of mine and mirror soul sister also has been drawn to Hyacinths. She too is a new mother and re-evaluating her place in the world. This week we worked with imagery and animal medicine. Within her meditation, a spider was attempting to do the work of the bee instead of each doing its part in the ecosystem, creating balance, co-creation, and cooperation.

I imagine what it would be like in the wild. A spider witnesses a bee flying from flower to flower, pollinating all the way. The spider looks on admiring and decides, "I like flowers, I can reach the flowers, maybe this is my work too." The spider climbs up the first flower without too much effort, gathers up pollen in the first two of eight arms, then the spider goes back down to the Earth, seeks out the next stem and climbs up that flower. The spider feels bit more strain for this climb, while carrying the pollen. The spider empties some pollen and gathers more. This time deciding, it may be easier to use her webbing to move from flower to flower, but now wonders where to hold the pollen to create the thread.

The spider takes a lot of time to figure this out, and then realizes she is hungry. She returns to her initial web, and realizes that it had been destroyed by a large wind, and there is no food there to nourish her. She must let go of the pollen and re-spin her web and wait for her food to arrive. She sets to work crafting her web. Time passes without notice; a sublime feeling encompasses her as she works. When she finishes, she feels great satisfaction as she admires the beauty she has just created in the world. She relaxes and trusts her next meal will find her within her elaborate web.

She realizes she cannot support the flowers and their pollen, for her job is different. She helps maintain the balance of the insect population so they won't wreak havoc on the plants, devouring them when overpopulated. In turn others have the opportunity to benefit from the plants as well. This spider does not think of the effect she is having on others; instead, she focuses on her bliss, and her responsibility to herself to follow this bliss, and feeding the way she is naturally inclined to feed. While the spider follows her natural tendencies, she is fed and harmony and health exist within the ecosystem.

The bee, meanwhile, has the natural energy to move from flower to flower. The bee, while gathering pollen for the hive to create food and medicine, isn’t trying to pollinate the flowers, but pollination is a result of the bee doing what the bee naturally wants to do. The bee is supported, the hive is supported, the flowers are supported, and food and medicine is created for a larger interconnected universe than the bee even realizes. But if the bee didn’t do this, the ecosystem again would be disrupted.

It seems as though many have noticed that bliss often follows when one is living out one's natural role in the greater Universe. It is as though this bliss is a guiding light, a golden thread as some have called it. When one is committed to one's role or responsibility, the community also benefits. As the energy of these time are shifting, the roles we play are interconnected and support diversity.

Hyacinths have entered my dreams in ways that have taught me that we are entering into a time when the chains of the past are no longer holding us. We are no longer working for the energy of the overlord. The energy is now shifting into one of collaboration and bliss. But this doesn’t mean that it is easy to transition. This is highlighted to me as our daughter begins growing her first tooth. There is pain in change and growth. Even if these changes bring about great abilities to move forward.

Even though there may be pain through this transition, I have a sense that as the great shifting is happening, people will continue to feel inclined to answer the call from within, to let go of the pollen that is not serving the greater whole, and begin to follow the bliss that arises when you are tending to your part in the ecosystem.

Through this universal energetic shift, money will also begin to return back to its natural role. One that was created for transactions by offering one’s blissful work.

With these realizations, I need to pause this website for a while and perhaps let go of it altogether. I continue to feel an innate desire to write. I will continue to write within the platform of Substack that will be ready to launch within the next two weeks. Through Substack I will release offerings as they arise such as this Hyacinth Flower Essence. For these offerings, you may contact me via email to order or participate.

For now my energy is nourished with the gardens, tending them as they grow food and medicine, and to share these when we can. I feel called to create rituals and tend my ancestors. I feel called to go on medicine walks and hold space for my loved ones, and be held when I need to be held. I feel called to tend to our home, and be in bliss with my family. I feel called to be interconnected with the wild ones all around us and share this bliss with the youth. I feel called to show up in a community where we can hold healing ceremonies to share our dreams, and weekly inner sight. In these ways I feel interconnected within the harmonious web of life.

As I tend to these ways of being, I will brush up with my community who hold all different types of energy and offerings in the world. Through this diversity we are whole, we are healthy, we are in harmony.

These pH detectors, Hyacinths, thank you for your medicine, sight, and understanding. If you see a Hyacinth calling, listen closely, they may surprise you with what your inner pH is. Perhaps it’s the pH energy of a lion, a fox, a squirrel, one who sees in the dark, or spins beautiful webs, or dances in the night sky offering light.

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