Session Vision
Through these consultations you will be given space to express your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs as they pertain to your well being. To accompany your expressed concerns, and with your permission, I will energetically connect to receive insight from your higher self as to which direction is needed to bring about wholeness and harmony. Our sessions may include a personal guided meditation, techniques for connecting to self and nature, oracle cards, pendulum work, and astrology. Every consultation will include a flower essence sent to you via mail.  It is my desire to share in vibrational healing so we may be empowered advocates to strengthen and navigate our own energy fields. 



  • Each session is $55 ​​

  • Duration approximately 60 minutes

  • Consult will be held over zoom

  • Contact below with your information and healing interest

  • An email will be sent to you to set up a date/time

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