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Plantasia Vibrational Medicine

What is a flower essence?

A flower essence is a vibrational medicine/therapy that gently balances the emotional, spiritual, and physical domain. Plantasia Flower Essences are created by working with the powers of the four elements, Spring Water, Fire (Sun), Earth (Flowers), and Stones (Geods and Crystals). The vibration of the flower is infused into the water and then preserved with alcohol, in this case, a locally grown and crafted blackberry brandy. This complementary therapy is safe in all cases including pregnancy and surgery. You may anoint yourself topically, infuse your own water, take under the tongue, add to altars, Earth rituals, or making ancestral gratitude prayers.

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Co-creator with Plantasia Vibrational Medicine

Sacha Louise

Sacha Louise has studied with various plant and human teachers, who include; Lise Wolff, Martin Bulgarin, Loey Colebeck, and becoming a Certified Master Herbalist with Gigi Stafne's school, Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine. Sacha has found her niche through experiencing the profound effects of Flower Essences and receiving guidance with plants through Plant Meditations. She is a strong advocate in the power of reconnecting with the self, the Earth, and the ancestors with the support of our plant, tree, and fungi kin. If you are looking for extra support on your healing journey peruse through the Flower Essences, schedule a consult, or join us for the online plant meditations.



"The first words I would use to describe Sacha Louise are unique and authentic. This has been my experience when working with her. She has guided me in meditation to communicate with plants, animals and ancestors. Connecting all of the dots. I have received from her very tangible advice on how to direct my energy as well as who to call upon for support. In addition to her metaphysical work, she also creates hand crafted flower essences that are potent and powerful. She has a vast knowledge of what specific flowers will benefit specific circumstances in individuals' lives. The work that she does is a holistic approach that feels very supportive and gentle. I would recommend Sacha Louise to anyone who is looking for clarity and connection in their lives."

Olivia Immitt


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